International Exhibitions

2018     Growing Medium: the Great Exhibition of the North, the Baltic.

2018     Hybrid 1: Biohm, Opencell, London Design Festival

2018     Programmable Knitting, Burberry Materials Futures, London Design Festival

2017     Bloom: 17th International FABI Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea.

2016     Programmable Knitting: Posthuman Frontiers, Ann Arbour, USA.

2016     Programmable Knitting: 16th International FABI Exhibition, the Korean Society of Fashion Business, Seoul, South Korea.


National Exhibitions

2019     Post Digital Knit, Pannett Art Gallery, Whitby 

2017     Inflection: Architectural Interior Installation, Jane Scott and Elizabeth Gaston,

  • The Royal Armouries, Leeds.
  • Intersections, Here East, Loughborough University, London.


2016     Configure: Environmentally Responsive Architectural Knitted Assembly, Façade Clothworkers South, the University of Leeds.

2015     Mutate: Research Through Design, Microsoft Research Centre, Cambridge.

2014     Mutate: Environmentally Responsive Knitted Fabrics, Leathby Gallery, London Design Festival.


Exhibition Design and Curation:

2017     Adapt Assemble Act: exhibition of recent work by Jane Scott and Elizabeth Gaston, Foyer Gallery, University of Leeds.

2015     Colonise: Responsive Knitted Environments, Leeds Dock.

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