Jane Scott is a designer and academic whose work focuses on programmable material systems, responsive textiles, knitted fabric design, knit technology, and biomimicry. She is involved in a number of interdisciplinary projects that position textile design as a driver for sustainable materials innovation. Working across a range of technologies Jane collaborates with designers, architects, engineers and programmers to develop innovations in knit as a material system, for a variety of applications. A fascination with materials is fundamental to her work, and current research explores the potential for natural fibres to exhibit smart behaviours.

Jane completed her PhD through The Textiles Futures Research Centre, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. Her Director of Studies was Professor Carole Collet. During the Phd she designed RKS (the responsive knit system), which outlines a programmable material system for the design of responsive knitted fabrics. In 2016 Jane’s work was awarded the Autodesk ACADIA emerging Research Award and it was also selected for inclusion in the influential book Active Matter, (Tibbits 2017).

In addition to technical innovation in materials and structures, there is a more conceptual strand to Jane’s research which interrogates the transformational role of knitted fabrics as site specific architectures. This research is exemplified through exhibition work and environmentally responsive installations.  She was instrumental in the development and implementation of a series of place based textile events across Yorkshire as part of The Yorkshire Year of the Textile funded by the Arts Council (2016-2017).  This research, produced in collaboration with Dr Elizabeth Gaston, included collaborations with poets, historians and the public producing new work including The Canopies Project, Inflection and The Knitting Machine.

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