Programmable Knitting

Programmable Knitting presents a new class of behaving textiles, responsive to environmental stimuli and programmed to change in shape as moisture levels increase. This hierarchical system exploits the inherent functionality of textile fibres, yarns and knitted fabric structures to integrate shape change behaviour into the intrinsic structure of the material.

Programmable knitting presents a departure from materialising hygromorphic behaviour as a bi-layer system by applying a knit logic, and introducing twist as a key actuation mechanism to enable shape change. By adapting the inherent hierarchies of a textile material using biomimicry principles, this work situates knitted fabric as a dynamic material interface directly responsive to environmental stimuli

This clip shows the immediate shape change behaviour generated in knitted Installation Flux, in response to cold water spray. The film was shot in the studio, but captures the moisture responsive properties of the materials for applications as a sensing systems and moisture management for the built environment.