DigitalFUTURES Talk: Soft Materials

Honoured to be part of an amazing line up for this weekend’s DigitalFUTURES Talks: Soft Materials.

17 April at 10:00am EST / 4:00pm CET / 10:00pm China

Soft Materials are flexible, floppy, and transformable. They are in contrast to the typical architect’s fascination with overly structured rigid tectonics. This panel explores the architectural ideas of working with materials that bend, flex, and conform.  How can our bodies interact with such spaces of softness? Leading researchers discuss working with knitting, textiles, and active bending within their designs. 

Presentations by: Jenny Sabin, Sean Ahlquist, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, Yulia Sinke, Felicia Davis, and Jane Scott Moderated by: Virginia Melnyk and Philip Beesley


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