Living Textile Architectures: Towards Multi-Species, Multi-Scale Interaction

Delighted to announce that the Living Textiles Research Group will be hosting the next ArcInTex Symposium. Please come and join us at the Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment in Newcastle in October.

What does it mean to design for multi-species interactions? How can biology transform our understanding of scale in textiles and architecture? How does technology intersect with the living and the non-living in biohybrid materials and systems for construction?

This ARCINTEX symposium, hosted by the Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment will reflect on the interactions between textiles, interaction design and architecture through the lens of biology to reveal the ideas, networks and new materiality emerging within our community. 

This three-day event will bring the ArcInTex community together in Newcastle to share ideas and discuss new and emerging research. The event will comprise a two-day single-track symposium, keynote discussions, a dedicated PhD forum, and a showcase event to exhibit artefacts and design work during the symposium. Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit work to one or more of the event activities. Please see the open call for more information. 

Dates: 12 – 14th October 2022.

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