Biocoatile, collaboration with Francesca Perona and Dr Tiffany Wood.

Biocoatile interdisciplinary collaboration working with designer Francesca Perona and the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership to develop 100% natural protein based bio-coating system for textiles.

Biocoatile brings together soft matter physics, biotechnology and programmable knitting to envision sustainable, chemical-free, smarter textiles.

Our interdisciplinary team is harnessing the natural properties of biological materials to enhance the performance of our garments, without harming the environment.

The textile industry frequently uses a range of chemical finishes on fabrics, to add functionalities that improve products’ comfort and adaptability to varied environmental conditions. These treatments often contain toxic chemicals and nano-particles that hardly degrade once dispersed in the environment and instead bioaccumulate in our bodies.

Working with a newly discovered functional protein that is biodegradable and is produced by harmless soil bacteria, Biocoatile is implementing safe alternatives to traditional toxic coatings. The protein technology physically -rather than chemically- binds to a range of natural, synthetic and conductive materials, offering a wide range of moisture-responsive properties to selected fibres. Combining these enhanced properties with biomimicry-inspired knitting construction, the team is unlocking opportunities for sustainable performance-driven textile applications in line with the growing bioeconomy.

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