Growing Medium, 2018

MaterialDriven Geodesic Dome, Idea of North, Baltic, 2018

Growing Medium forms part of a series of installations designed using Programmable Knitting; a new biomimicry concept for textiles; incorporating smart and responsive behaviours into fabrics composed of 100% natural, sustainable materials. In Growing Medium the material system engages directly with environmental change; discreetly reforming in response to increases in moisture content. Over the course of the summer the installation  physically changes in shape, actuating in response to environmental conditions within the gallery space.

Growing Medium was exhibited within the MATERIALS THAT SHAPE THE NORTH group exhibition for IDEA OF NORTH at The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, May 11th – September 30th 2018 in conjunction with the Great Exhibition of the North.

growing medium profile (jane Scott 2018)
growing medium articulated fabric (Jane Scott 2018)

It is a shape changing knitted installation that forms one face of the geodesic dome curated by MaterialDriven. The work, composed of 100% Yorkshire Spun wool and assembled with lasercut veneer has been produced using CNC knit technologies in The School of Design at The University of Leeds.

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